"But so much the more went there a fame abroad of him: and great multitudes came together to hear and to be healed by him of their infirmities," (Luke 5:15).

HEARING what God has to say to His people is emphasized throughout the Scriptures--Old and New. When the Lord says, "let those who have ears hear," He means to receive into our belief system the divine truth that is spoken for the purpose of acting upon it. God's Words were never to be ignored, placed in a grave of unbelief,cast aside or taken lightly. In this passage of Scripture, the multitude HEARD and came to be HEALED. In other words, they received divine truth and acted upon it. In Mark 4:24, Jesus told the disciples to be CAREFUL what you are hearing. From the Amplified version of Mark 4, we understand that we have a responsible part in the process of hearing. It is our responsibility to apply thought and study to the truth we hear. God sends divine truth to bring us into His presence where we may experience His blessings. Those that purpose to HEAR are promised a continuous flow of virtue (power) and knowledge. Remember HEAR means to take divine truth into our belief system for the purpose of agreeing with it and acting upon it. The Word of God, when heard, will bring wholeness to whatever is broken.

So, how is your hearing? Do your ears need a good cleaning in order that you may clearly and distinctly HEAR and be HEALED? Be tremendously blessed!

Your Sis,

Apostle Ednorleatha Long

photo credit vagawi

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